Get BB to call private jenkins using hooks


I have a private Jenkins server that I need to add bitbucket hooks to it.

At the moment this is not possible but i am planning to whitelist bitbucket IP addresses

My main problem here, I wan to validate that all calls coming from BB belong to my repositories only and nothing else.

Any advice ?

I’m assuming that you’re talking about Bitbucket Cloud? If so the ips are detailed at IP addresses to allowlist in your corporate firewall | Bitbucket Cloud | Atlassian Support

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am talking about BB cloud. However, allowing IPs in the URL you’ve sent will allow every other repo -outside our company team- to call our Jenkins server. how to overcome this problem ?

I haven’t used the Bitbucket->Jenkins integration, but could you add a “secret” parameter that you can then validate on the web server front end?

You might want to take this question over to the Atlassian User Community ( ) to see if there are folks there that might have experience with this. (This community is more focused on development of things using Atlassian’s api’s etc).