Get Create/Edit Request Metadata in JSD Rest API

Hi team,

I’m trying to create a request/issue using the JSD rest API but I’m not sure which fields are available and required when calling:

In JIRA Rest API, we do validate the data using the Get Create/Edit Issue Metadata before calling the API.

Is there something similar for JSD Rest API? As far as I know, fields allowed in issue creation through Jira Rest API may not be available during a JSD request creation through JSD Rest API.

For example, issue description may not be necessary when creating an issue, but it may be a required field when creating a request. I would need to know this for this description and other fields to act accordinllty



Hi team, any answer?

I’ve created

Please close the one in the wrong place.

Hi @fboucquez, can you please try the GET request type fields API:

Hi Gerry, thank you for pointing me to the jsd rest method. It did the trick! Now I know which fields I can and need to fill when creating a request by jsd rest api.