GET /field/{fieldId}/context fails with 403 but /field/{fieldId}/contexts (with ending s) does not

Hi we’re trying to understand why the GET /field/{fieldId}/context API is consistently returning a 403 for us but the same call to GET /field/{fieldId}/contexts (deprecated) returns a 200 with data.
We’re using a connect app and sending valid JWT in both of our requests but only the deprecated API appears to be working.
We are also getting 403 when trying to access GET /field/{fieldId}/context/{contextId}/option once we retrieve the context ID from the deprecated /contexts API

The response isn’t a normal API 403 response either it is in html

Any idea what to do here?

Hi @Vitally ,

The endpoint GET /field/{fieldId}/contexts is deprecated and requires the scope manage:jira-project where as the endpoint GET /field/{fieldId}/context requires the scope manage:jira-configuration. I suspect you need to modify your app so that declares the manage:jira-configuration and then you should be able to call the GET /field/{fieldId}/context endpoint.


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Thanks @dmorrow - adding the ADMIN scope to our Connect app descriptor resolved the 403