Get Issues by worklogs Created/Updated properties

AS. I hope this is the right place where post my question.

Good morning,
my name’s Luca and I’m new to the Jira platform. Anyway, I successfully developed my software to call the getIssue() and import it in my own DB: with a known Issue.Id.

Well, the problem is that I don’t really know the issues’ id to download. I have instead to download “all the issues with created/updated worklogs after ‘specific date’”. So I’d like to get a list of Issues’ Id that match my condition (then call the getIssue() for some of them) and I didn’t find nothing matching my needs in the API reference. Am I wrong or am I missing anything?

I apologize in advance for my inexperience and thank you for your support, Luca.

I see you posted the question in Jira Cloud and you pointed to a documentation for Jira Server. I hope you know that the API calls from server are different from the API calls from cloud. These are for cloud: for example. You might take a look at v3 as well. I hope this give you a nudge in the right direction.