Get issues count by issue type

I wan to get counts of issues by issue type like how many bugs, tasks, stories etc. are there in project or board.
Does anyone have idea?

HI @HarshModhiya ,

You could try a combination of Jira Expressions and JQL. Say you have a simple JQL like project = DEV, then you can combine this with an expression like this one:

issues.reduce((result, issue) => 
                (result[] || 0) + 1), 
            new Map())

Which might give a result like this one:

  "Task": 7,
  "Epic": 8,
  "Bug": 22,
  "Story": 64

Jira Expressions can be evaluated using a REST endpoint. But if you want to just try them out real quick, there is a free app that you might want to try.

Hope that helps,

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Hello @osiebenmarck,
Thanks for your reply. It works for me.
Do you have any idea how we can create JQL to filter data using the board or how we can get a query that is used in the board?

Hi @HarshModhiya ,

Sure, just go to Board SettingsGeneral and there should be a link to the filter or query that’s being used to populate that board.


Hello @osiebenmarck ,

Yes, It is correct but I am trying to find it using Rest API.
Do we have any API which gives all boards with their filter query?