Get label information api returns code 401

Hi all, i am testing the mentioned api in a forge application.

I use the forge api facilities to make an oauth request, and properly upgraded my app via forge install --upgrade adding the scope read:confluence-content.summary in the manifest file.

If i try to query the api (after allowing the required refreshed permissions on the app on the first launch) with:

await api().asUser().requestConfluence(route`/wiki/rest/api/label/?name=mylabel`)

i get this response:

{ code: 401, message: 'Unauthorized; scope does not match' }

am i missing something?

Hello @michelegranato

REST API endpoints do not end with forward slashes before the start of the definition of any parameters. Your URL path should be:

Refer to the Label info endpoint documentation for various examples.

I think the point is that they have silently updated the oauth scopes, anyway thanks for the tip