Get list of projects having issue type (REST API)


I develop a Jira app that brings a new issue type.

My app has a configuration page accessible only by administrators which lists the Jira projects already configured to use my issue type.

With Jira 8 REST API, it was possible to use the method GET /rest/api/2/issue/createmeta?issuetypeNames.

But this method has been removed of the API since Jira 9 : Createmeta REST endpoint to be removed | Atlassian Support | Atlassian Documentation

As shown in the previous link, it is now possible to use GET /rest/issue/createmeta/{projectIdOrKey}/issuetypes , but it is not a performant solution because we have to send one request for each project.

So I tried to use the method GET /rest/issuetypescheme?expand=schemes.issueTypes. It works but it is not faster because Jira takes a long time to respond to this single request (about 1 minute for 500 projects).

So my question is : with REST API of Jira 9, what is the more performant solution to get the list of projects configured for using a specific issue type ?

Thanks !

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