Get options for custom field Jira Cloud API endpoint has wrong app scope and permissions required

We have encountered an issue with the Issue custom field options via API and raised this to DEVHELP but wanted to try here.
endpoint path:

GET /rest/api/3/customField/{fieldId}/option

The Get options for field endpoint in the Issue custom field options section requires admin access and ADMIN app scope for plugins to use. It is a read-only endpoint returning the available options for a custom select field, so READ scope should be sufficient for plugins.

This is true for both v2 and v3 versions of the Jira Cloud API
there exists another endpoint that does not require ADMIN access, but it does not fit our use-case, as it requires prior knowledge of the option id. It returns the same pieces of data, just separate options, and by different input. I’d expect these to be consistent.

Similarly, it’s possible to fetch the options for regular (non-custom) fields without admin access, using the following endpoint:

Expected Result

/rest/api/3/customField/{fieldId}/option endpoint is reachable with READ scope access for an app

Actual Result

/rest/api/3/customField/{fieldId}/option endpoint requires admin access/admin permissions

I hope someone from the Atlassian team sees this and makes a comment on it.


Hi @aidin.mahmoodi,

Apologies for being slow to get to this. I have created for the Jira team to evaluate this.


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Thank you Dugald! I appreciate your response. Hopefully we can get this fixed as it has become a blocker for one of our features.

@piotr.chabelski here you go!

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