Get pp specific project properties at project search


Is there a chance to get the project properties at the project search?

My scenario:

In my cloud app I want to provide a project search. The search result should show beside the built-in project metadata my app specific properties (which are stored on the project).

My actual solution is to search the projects (paginated) and for every project a request my property.

Ideally I can request the property metadata on the project search. Is sth. like that available?

Thanks for your help!

Regards, Patrick

You can get properties along with the projects in the old, non-paginated project-search API: Note that we will not remove this API until the new one isn’t functionally equivalent, so it’s safe to use it as long as you are fine with having to eventually switch (when the new one gets properties support and perhaps other missing features if there are any).

Hey @kkercz

Thanks, that helped me.

Regards, Patrick