Get ready for Codegeist

For what it’s worth, the goal of codegeist has always been to boost the Atlassian Ecosystem. So the prizes are created as an incentive for new apps or major new features. It’s just a shame that it was such a surprise, which meant that you could not plan for it. Previously, Codegeist was an annual event, so it would allow you to plan for releasing new apps or features during the submission period.


@remie: That’s helpful feedback for us going forward – thank you! :bowing_woman:

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Sorry if I’ve missed it, but still can’t figure out on the submission: can I submit the app as a new one in the Marketplace and make it public & free? Or it does have to be a private app?

@dmitry.astapkovich: :wave: Apps can be submitted either way; if private, though, we simply need access to it for testing and judging. :tada: