GET /site endpoint requires 3LO token?


Hi all,

when I call the “Get List of Sites” endpoint with an access token from a 2LO app that works for other endpoints, I get the following error message:

{“statusCode”:403,“message”:“Authorization code (3-legged OAuth) token required”}

Did I misunderstand something or is this a bug? I was trying to retrieve the number of sites my apps were installed on for statistical purposes, since that number is (for some reason) not available via the marketplace API as it is for other Connect and Server apps.



That endpoint is currently locked behind the 3LO authentication process, which has yet to be finalized. There are system limitations and considerations that we’ve yet to address that prevents us from opening it up to 2LO.

I did talk with the Marketplace team yesterday and they told me that metrics for stride add-ons is on their roadmap. At the moment the best advice for tracking these metrics is for you to record them on the install and uninstall callbacks for the app.


Right. Well, that’s honestly not the answer I was hoping for.
I mean this method to be used for the apps we already have in the marketplace, so it’s a bit too late for tracking installs and uninstalls.
We can probably approximate the numbers via other methods, but it’s going to be inaccurate.

Thanks for your help anyway :slight_smile:


Hi mate, we actually do have pretty detailed analytics of both installation and usage of apps, they’re just not self-service for app developers yet. We’ll send you stats this week. If anyone else is watching this and would like the same: just give us a shout!

@jross I’ll show you where you can get them!


@jross @tcrusson would it be possible to receive some sort of notification when the 3LO authentication process is finalized?

Would be very helpful



Hi @russel,

We will be making an announcement when that becomes available. A good place to watch for updates on the API is this thread. Put a watch on that thread and make sure you have your notifications setup in your developer community profile to get alerts pushed to your email.

Jon Ross