Get SLA value with Java API


I’d interesting in is it a way to get SLA value with Java API in the same format as it shows on SD (included svg icons).
I’ve inspected the SlaInformationService and find out that we can get general information, but:

  1. remaining time not always gives correct value
  2. duration formatter for human-readable format returns value in hours (so, -2d 5h in Jira will be -53h from duration formatter)
  3. We have not all information about SLA status. We have only “paused” or “breached”, but nothing about succeed or initial status.

Also SlaInformationService doesn’t give us information about settings for SLA view (human-readable or hours:minutes)

So, the question is: Is it any way to just get value from SLA field the same as it shows in Jira SD?