Get the Card Cover Image via API


Url of card covers missing while requesting the cards of a Board with the API. Only the id of the cover image. How to get the url’s?

This guy has explained the same problem and no answers yet.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Try this: /1/boards/:idBoard?cards=all&card_attachments=cover

The cover image URL should in cards[n].cover.scaled[m].url.

Hi khanguyen

I curl’ed that and received this:


Still no cover image or other attachments of the cards. But as I read the newest post from bcook, you won’t allow the use direct links to the attachments in the future anyway. Have I got this right? Sad, but I think I must look into other hosting solutions for the images and paste the links to them in the card description. This makes my project more time consuming for the users…

In the JSON of the Board is everything I need, inclusive the card cover images and attachments. But this only works for public Boards. It would be really great if I just could get that JSON of a private Board. I don’t need to make a lot of requests to the API. It would be enough to get that JSON like every 5 minutes.