Get transition Id in Changelog

Hi community!

We are developing a script to retrieve info about the history of an issue. Concretely, what we need is the author and the date in which each transition has been made.

The workflow applied to this issue has several statuses with autotransitions and in those cases the changelog does not differenciate which autotransition has been made, it only displays the ‘from’ and ‘to’ values.

Is there a way to map a transition by the transition id to a user and the date?

I hope the use case and the question is clear, if it is not the case please let me know.

Raul Lopes Lopez.

Hi @RaulLopes1
The short answer is no. Jira doesn’t keep track of transitions, only status changes. So even if they were willing to change the API to expose transitions, they couldn’t since they don’t store that info.

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That is what was I afraid of. Thank anyway @david2.