GetSpacePermissions API v2 does not have anonymous access information


We were using Get Space API v1 to get space permissions.
It has anonymousAccess information.
The new v2 Get Space Permissions v2 API API does not have the isAnonymousAccess information.
Please suggest options.

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Hi @shwetagulati1

Atlassian has said that they’re no longer monitoring this forum for REST API v.2 gaps and that you should file a bug to get the item added to the queue using the following procedure: RFC-19: Deprecation of Confluence Cloud REST API v1 Endpoints - #25 by AshishShirode


Hi @shwetagulati1 how are you getting the space Id for the Get Space Permissions REST endpoint, as it doesnt seem to work with spaceKey

We are getting using Get Spaces v2 API.