Getting 3rd party plugin dependencies into the altas environment

First, apologies if this is a very basic question; I am pretty new to Atlassian’s plugin development so every problem is something brand new to overcome.

I have written a Space Blueprint that I would like to modify to utilize the capabilities of a 3rd party plugin we have installed in our production Confluence installation. I’ve followed the developer’s instructions to add their repo to my maven configuration and added a dependency into my pom.xml file. These clearly did something as my .m2 directory now includes a jar artifact matching the name of my dependency.

However, when I spin up the atlas environment to start testing my updated blueprint, I see that my blueprint has been disabled due to not being able to resolve the dependency at runtime:

[plugin.osgi.factory.OsgiPlugin] logAndClearOustandingDependencies Plugin ‘com.gentex.confluence.blueprints.gentex-blueprints’ never resolved service ‘&workflowService’ with filter ‘(&(objectClass=com.comalatech.workflow.WorkflowService)(objectClass=com.comalatech.workflow.WorkflowService))’

I assume that, in a production system, this would be resolved properly as the 3rd party plugin would be installed and registered. However, this is certainly not the case in the atlas-controlled environment. If this were a free plugin, I’d just go ahead and install it into the debug environment, but, as it’s a paid plugin, I am hesitant to do so. What is the typical method of resolving this so that I can test and debug my changes in the atlas environment?

when you purchase most plugins Paid via Atlassian, it comes with a Development License which you can use for purposes like this. you can find this in the app license under

So it does; I’ve never noticed that before. Thank you so much.

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