Getting all Insight autocomplete options

I see that JSM sends a POST request with JSON payload to {instanceURL}/rest/servicedesk/cmdb/1/customer/portal/{portalId}/request/{requestTypeId}/field/{fieldId}/autocomplete to retrieve the list of Insight objects for a particular Insight search field. However, in the case where a field has more than 50 options, the drop down only shows the first 50. It knows that there are more than 50 (for instance, shows “54 search results” at the top of the field), but there does not appear to be a way to retrieve the additional options that are excluded from the first response, without making the search more specific.

For the case where I would like to retrieve all results, how does pagination work in this endpoint? I have tried including “startAt”: 51, “start”:51, and “page”:2, in the JSON payload of the request, but none of those produced the additional options in the response.

Request body looks like this:

  "fieldValueMap": {

Response looks like this:

  "size": 50,
  "hasNextPage": true,
  "results": [
  "total": 54

I figured it out. Posting here in case it helps someone in the future. You need to add the “start” value as a query string parameter to the endpoint. Not as an entry in the body.

So, POSTing to {instanceURL}/rest/servicedesk/cmdb/1/customer/portal/{portalId}/request/{requestTypeId}/field/{fieldId}/autocomplete?start=51 will retrieve the additional results in this case.