Getting issue type in validateFromParams CustomFieldType method


Am developing a custom field that extends LabelCFType; I did some verification in validateFromParams according to certain issue type i.e:
if issue type A -->check this and produce error in case of …
if issue type B --> check this and produce error in case of …

I was able to do this by getting the issue type from the issue; I got the issue from the customFieldParams by getting the value for the “null” key

My problem is getting the issue type on the create screen, the validateFromParams is being called yet no issue is yet created and so getting the issue will return null --> so I can’t get the issue type

Any idea on how to get the issue type from this method using the create screen? I printed customFieldParams in the logs and realized only the projectId is being passed (As Long); I have control over the edit VM File if there’s a way to pass it through it to the custom field params;