Getting Sassy (ac-koa-hipchat-sassy) to integrate in Hipchat server


Using hipchat server I am attempting to install a Sassy to experiment with.

I am able start up Sassy on another server, and it is indeed serving the /addon/capabilities
with, I am actually fronting (proxying) it through apache to take advantage it already having a SSL Cert setup. It won’t finish the installation, I’m pretty sure because of the url references in the capabilities…

  "capabilities": {
    "hipchatApiConsumer": {
      "scopes": [
    "installable": {
      "allowGlobal": true,
      "allowRoom": true,
      "callbackUrl": "http://ulservername:3020/addon/installable"
    "webhook": [
        "event": "room_message",
        "pattern": "(?i)^r?\\/[\\w:!\\?\\-]+",
        "url": "http://servername:3020/addon/webhook?name=cad52a39d6450601fddd4918d0fac0a205deca9a",
        "name": "cad52a39d6450601fddd4918d0fac0a205deca9a"

I am not really up on the framework for hipchat addons (just kind of getting my feet wet) and somewhat familiar with node development, its just not my primary language so to speak…

So my question is how would i go about updating the ‘callBackUrl’ and webhook ‘url’ values? Would that something i set set in the web.js?

Also… any recommendations on editors for Node developement… Does/Can it work like IntelJ or the like to have auto-complete, and or help showing and managing the dependencies in the package.json?




Sometimes act of posting helps discover it… I’m still forced to use a port in the URL, but it seems i can get them adjusted through ‘localBaseUrl’ in the package.json