Getting tasks in Confluence 5.4.2


I’m trying to retriev all assigned tasks via the REST api but cannot manage to have a response with content. We are running Confluence 5.4.2.

When I click to the mailbnox icon on Confluence, I can see an Ajax call to https://…/rest/mywork/latest/task with a Json reponse containing my precious.
Quickly I started to build a client that issue the same request with Basic authentication but I receive a 200 response with no content, Content-Length: 0; I added all the same headers as those in the Ajax call but without any success.
I tried to send a first request to obtains the JSESSIONID cookie with success but reusing it ha sno effects, the response definitively stay empty…

How can I retrieve my tasks via the rest api in Confluence 5.4.2 ?

Thanks a lot

Hi there,

Is there really nobody that will try to help ? No questions, remarks, asking for more details ?

Have you considered that we might not know? You ask something that is for 5.4.2 whilst we run 6.2. Could be the reason you get no answer. And as a friendly reminder the majority of people here are not staff of atlassian, nobody is obliged to answer you.

It makes no sense you see data from clicking in mbox icon and no data when you do correctly a call.

Anyway, you say you do an ajax call to mywork/latest/task. Is it a get? If yes, what happens if you navigate to mywork/latest/task while logged in? Do you see empty?

Post a screenshot of the request you see when you click to mailbox icon where we see url, headers, payload in the request and your code.

I can’t find anything in the docs, so I’m at a loss here as well.