Getting the current users id from inside a plugin

I need to fetch some basic data about the current logged in user from within my plugin.

In previous Confluence versions, I used to get this info via AuthenticatedUserThreadLocal but as per this document that is deprecated.

The article above suggests me to use com.atlassian.confluence.user.AuthenticatedUserAccessor for this purpose however I cannot seem to find any information about this class in the API documentation. It does not seem to be available in the com.atlassian.confluence.user package either.

Any suggestions on the best possible way to fetch current users data from a plugin?



I have exactly the same question.
Can anybody help?
Kind regards

The same question from me. I couldn’t find it even source code of Confluence.

I think this is a case of Atlassian providing incorrect information. AuthenticatedUserThreadLocal is not deprecated, only the getUser() method is.

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Yes, we get the current user using AuthenticatedUserThreadLocal.get() which is not deprecated.

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Super - thanks for the info.
I have now tested AuthenticatedUserThreadLocal and it works fine. Will use it.
Br Bo