Getting the map to work with trello card via the API

I’ve tried with both address, location name and coordinates.
How can I get the map to work inside the card?

This is how I create coordinates:

def get_coordinates(order_info):
        adress - order_info.get('DeliveryAddress1') + ", " + order_info.get(
            'DeliveryZipCode') + ", " + order_info.get('DeliveryCity')
        gmaps = googlemaps.Client(key=google_maps)
        geocode_result = gmaps.geocode(address)
        location = geocode_result[0]['geometry']['location']
        coordinates = f"{location['lat']},{location['lng']}"
        return coordinates
    except Exception as e:
        print(f"An error occurred: {e}")

and this is how I send it over:

def do_create_card(name, desc, due, order_info):
    start_date = get_comment_if_exist_but_only_for_start_date(order_info)
    coordinates = get_coordinates(order_info)
    url = ""
    querystring = {"name": name, 'desc': desc, 'coordinates': coordinates, "idList": config.trello_list("new"),
                   "keepFromSource": "all", "key": key, "token": token}

    if due == start_date:
        querystring['due'] = due
        querystring['start'] = str(start_date)
    if due != start_date:
        querystring['due'] = str(start_date)
        querystring['start'] = due

        r = requests.request("POST", url, params=querystring)
        if r.ok:
            return r.json()
            print("failed to create trello card", r.status_code, querystring, desc)
        error = sys.exc_info()
        print(f"An error occurred: {error}")