Getting Unauthorized (401) on '/rest/api/3/user/email' endpoint for valid JWT token

We have our app Timely publish in Jira marketplace. Some of our users are using it to track their time spent on Jira tickets.

Recently some of our new users reported that they are not able to connect their Jira app with Timely. after debugging the issue we found that REST email endpoint(/rest/api/3/user/email) is giving us Unauthorized (401) response while fetching the email, and we are not able to figure out why. can you help us with this as why the email endpoint is returning 401 only for some users ? is there any setting/permissions the user has to enable before connecting their account with Timely ?

Let me know if you guy’s need the Jira account url’s for those users. I can provide those .

There is an email visibility setting in user profile. It can be set to only admins or private. As long as I remember, add-ons also needs to be white listed to access email addresses.

Can you point me with the url OR a screenshot where can I find that visibility setting ?

Even after changing the email visibility to Anyone, it didn’t worked, we are still getting the same error from the Jira for those users. is there any other account level setting which is causing this ?

Hello Team, Any update on this issue ?