Getting xtream.alias.CannotResolveClassException after I refactor some classes


I’m writing a plugin which saves some objects to Bandana. Now, I didn’t write this plugin from start, but rather an old colleague did and he did it in a rush. So when I inherited his code, I felt the need to do some refactoring. One of the things I did was move some classes into a new package.

This is troublesome now, because this has led to xstream not being able to un-serialize my saved objects and instead it throws CannotResolveClassExceptions.

I get the issue and it fixes itself when I put the class where xstream expects to find it. So my question is: how can I refactor my classes and update xstream alias mapping to look for the class in the new package?

Any help is much apreciated

I would load once the data from bandana, remove them from bandana, transform the loaded objects to the new objects and save the new. Its one time job