Git Hook script using shell

I have requirement to get JIRA id status and compare this with JIRA id in commit message.If the JIRA id does not exisist or JIRA id is closed state I must display the error message and prevent the push.I want to achieve this by git hooks and shell script.Can you please let me know how to do this without any plugin

I just want to know how to poll to get JIRA staus

Currently I am using below command to poll the JIRA ID

curl -s http://hcs431brgppa911:8080/rest/api/latest/issue/DP-2?fields=status -u username:Password

Get Below Response

{“self”:“http://hcs431brgppa911:8080/rest/api/2/statuscategory/4",“id”:4,“key”:“indeterminate”,“colorName”:“yellow”,“name”:"In Progress”}}}

I want to extract “In Progress” status from JASON response.

I also dont want to pass username and password in my curl command.

Can you please suggest if there is alternative to curl command which I need to write in pre recieve hook script enabled on server side to POLL the JIRA ID status