Glance and sidebar



Hi ,

I would like to create a glance and sidebar. Firstly , how to create a glance ? can somebody help me please.I have seen the documentation part of hipchat for glance but I would like to know more.



Not sure what the question is here… Did you read over ? To add a glance you just have to add the appropriate glance item to the descriptor. Where are you running into an issue?

Code/errors/screenshots of what you’re seeing/want would be good.


Hi Daniel ,

I have tried the curl command for creating glance.Here is the command:
curl -k -H ‘Content-type: application/json’ -X PUT -d '{
“name”: {
“value”: “An addon glance”
“queryUrl”: “{locale}”,
“key”: “glance1”,
“target”: “myaddon-sidebar”,
“icon”: {
“url”: “”,
“url@2x”: “


The above command creates a glance but it doesn’t open any sidebar:

can you please help me here. how to make my glance redirect to other link?



In your descriptor - what’s the definition of the myaddon-sidebar webPanel entity? You need to make sure it’s available and serves up content. See for more info.


Hey Daniel,

is it mandatory to have the add on integration installed and ssl installed in HIpchat server to create a glance and sidebar.

can we modify the existing code of glance. for eg : we have files and links as glance , can we get the path of it , so that we can add one more glance to it?

is it possible?



Not through connect. You’ll have to recreate it yourself. I haven’t tried hacking at HipChat Server - I’m pretty certain it’s possible (since it’s running on your own hardware) but I wouldn’t recommend it (or modify any other product code). It will be easier for you to recreate things in your add-on.

Connect requires ssl (or rather the browser requires both host and the framed content to be at the same level of security). In order to have a sidebar, you’ll need a glance. Your add-on won’t know about any other add-on components.


Thanks Daniel. i am actually trying to populate a link as a glance value and once i click on glance , it should show me all open tickets in Service-now(ITSM tool) . for this situation , if I use ssl of Service-now in Hipchat , will it solve my issue ???, as i have already tried installing add-on but it fails due to ssl issue. My hipchat is using a self signed ssl on server but actual ssl is installed in HA proxy server.

Hipchat team has confirmed that they dont support proxies and i have to install a certificate on hicphat machine only then add-on will work.


If your iframe url is ssl that your browser can accept and you have the all.js in your output the sidebar should render.