Grab Jira Cloud version (Standard vs Premium)?

I have updated my app to allow users to archive projects. Currently, this is a Premium-only feature. I would like to be able to determine if the user is on Standard or Premium so I can disable this option accordingly.

Is there a way to determine this? I reviewed the API but didn’t find what I was looking for.

Thanks in advance!

I’m not aware of such an API, but the idea is very curious. Why would you enable/disable features in an app that everyone on the same tiers pays you the same amount of money for? You’re delivering more features when users pay Atlassian more? Did I understand that correctly?

No no. In Jira cloud at the free and standard tier, you cannot archive projects. This is a feature that is only available at the Premium tier. Same goes for Advanced Roadmaps. At the standard tier, you have a basic version of that functionality. Whereas in the Premium version your get it full-featured.

So my Atlassian App offers you the ability to archive projects. Currently, if you click the button in the Standard tier, you’ll get an error but I account for that by providing an alert that tells the user that this functionality only works at the Premium tier. I’d rather my app check the version and disable the button if it is in a Standard/Free version and enable it only if it is in a Premium version.

Not a big deal as again, I account for it but thought it’d be better if I could detect and then enable/disable accordingly.

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