Granting customers access to addon on my cloud jira instance

Hi geeks!

I need to grant customers / prospects access to my developer’s instance of JIRA cloud which is The purpose of this is to showcase how we, the authors of the addon, use it in our work.

Please advice how this can be achieved?


Give them accounts, or grant anonymous access (which lets the world in)

Thanks @nic, I tried and am failing - I have anonymous access configured, it works fine with access to individual projects (I configured which ones are visible and which ones are not), but the JIRA menu bar does not show my addon menu item. If I try to be smart and use a specific URL leading to my addon page (all being not logged in) - I get a JIRA error: “You do not have the correct permissions to view the page: Goggles”

And with giving them accounts - the process seems to be too much of a hassle for users - only few will care to email my with their Atlassian.Id details and await access granted.