GraphQL query to find the status of a timed out GraphQL request?

When I add 1000 issues to a Version with the addIssuesToFixVersion mutation, I am getting a request timeout response after 30 seconds:

    "errors": [
            "message": "The underlying service call timed out",
            "locations": [],
            "extensions": {
                "service": "gira",
                "errorSource": "UNDERLYING_SERVICE",
                "classification": "ServiceCallTimeout"
    "data": {
        "jira": null
     "extensions": {
        "gateway": {
            "request_id": "abcdef0123456789",
            "crossRegion": false,
            "edgeCrossRegion": false,
            "deprecatedFieldsUsed": []

However, the underlying service in fact continues to add the list of issues to the version. Is there Query that I can call to check the outcome of this Mutation, eg. with the extensions.gateway.request_id identifier?