Group name required exception for byGroupId endpoint

Dear community,

I had this error once in my development instance but it disappeared. However it now showed up again in another instance:

Could not delete org.springframework.web.client.HttpServerErrorException$InternalServerError: 500 Internal Server Error: [{"statusCode":500,"message":"java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Groupname is required."}]

As far as I understand the rest endpoint a group name should not be required for the byGroupId endpoint.

In case someone form Atlassian reads it: is there a kind of special roll out behind which explains this?

Thank you


Hey @andreas1,
Are you consistently seeing this error on the 2nd instance or was it also a one time thing?
We are in the process of migrating restrictions from being based on groupName to groupId so it’s likely due to the rollout.

Dear @jjohn

thank you for your fast answer and sorry for my delayed response. I currently don’t know whether it still exists on the second instance as we rolled back our app to the version which still uses group names.

I expected that the the new REST endpoints work regardless at which state an instance is (migrated or not migrated).

Is there a certain point at which the migration can be considered as completed?

Thank you