Guidelines for requesting access to email address

Hi @david.gunter - yes. We need to add your app to an internal whitelist. Otherwise the API will not work.

@akassab - I see in the weekly update that the Email API is ready.

Can you point me/us to the documentation for that API?

Here I believe:

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This is fine for ID to email address. What about the other way around? Say you have been given an email address - how would you query Jira to get an account ID for that address (if one exists)?


How, in the context of GDPR and the Email API, the following REST endpoint works:

  • Does it still work? Can we still use it?
  • It used to accept usernames (at least example suggests it). Has it been changed to accept Atlassian account ID?

It is either not GDPR ready or documentation was not updated.

Another question: are there any plans to let apps post notifications to the new Jira notification area? Is there any issue that we can watch and vote? I wasn’t able to find any. Our customers ask for that.


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Is access to the Email API available restricted to Apps, or could requests outside an App also be given access? Also, is there public documentation on the whitelisting mechanism?


@MichaelNelson - The restricted email API is only available to apps. Direct REST calls or functionality provided through scripts, etc. using API tokens are not. The whitelisting mechanism is and will not be documented. The process for getting whitelisted is covered above and also available here:

Thank you for clarifying this, Alexandra.


@akassab I have a request open since 25th of July, could someone finally take a look -

Thank you for the guidelines. Could somebody explain me, can I request access to the Email API for a simple 3LO app created via if the app itself is private and still is in “In development” status?

@DmitryBogomolov no 3LO apps can’t have access to the email API. Access requires at Atlassian Connect app key. 3LO apps should not need it as they will receive non-public PD for the users who grant access.

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I’m guessing that this also means that existing customers will have to manually approve the upgrade to newer versions (with extended scope) in “Manage apps” tab?

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I raised a Request access to the Email API ticket in DEVHELP a week ago. There’s been no follow-up from Atlassian yet. I think my ticket might have been lost due to refactoring DEVHELP. Could you suggest who to contact to check that?

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How quickly can I expect my ticket to be reviewed?
It has been a few days now with no updates.


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@akassab Might be worthwhile to reference this info in the documentation here:

@akassab How long it usually takes for the app from being approved to being included in whitelist so API can be used? I got my application approved month ago (24th of March), but still I cannot use the API


@akassab, same here, waiting for over a month and nothing.

DEVHELP-4272, 4273


We are a data integration platform that one of our clients requested access to the Email API.
After getting his access, will we be able to use his access to let him pull his data? Do we need to also request for access?

@TsilaHadad - Access is granted at the app level (where app is defined as a unique connect app key). You shouldn’t need separate apps for the same use case.

@akassab, thanks a lot for your answer.

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