Guidelines for requesting access to email address

Hi @akassab could you, or someone else from your team, tell me approximately how long it takes for a request to be evaluated?

Hey @akassab when can we expect to get email address access? As we have submitted our application 2 days ago and ticket number is : DEVHELP-5718

Thanks in advance.

Hey guys, does anyone know how long it takes to evaluate a request for access to email address? We submitted our request almost a month ago and we still don’t have any update.

Hello @SofiaKargioti,

What you experience is collapse of developers/vendors support by Atlassian, that started in 2018. A few months ago Atlassian promised to address the problem but nothing changed, unfortunately.

Keep making noise and you will hopefully get some help.

Good luck.

Hey @jack, thanks for the update! I’ll do my best and I hope to get some help soon.

Hi, I want some clarification.
I have a 3LO app (Not connected app), and I want to get the email address of users in user object of Search jira issue API response.

  1. After getting application approved/ whitelisted, can we get email address value populated irrespective of user selection of email address visibility?
  2. Or do we need to use Email API only? If yes, then do we need to create a separate 3LO app? or we can use same app to access Email API and fetching issues also?

Can I get some clarity here on whether or not the email API is available to 3LO apps? The comments and guidance from Atlassian Staff seem to explicitly contradict what is documented publicly about the email API.

There are comments indicating it is only for connect apps, that you need a connect app id, that you should use the /me route to get email for authorized users who authorized from a 3LO app.

However what is mentioned here indicates this is not the case

Under 3LO apps:

  • Email address: Given that some apps need email addresses for key functionality, we provide an Email API that provides access to email addresses regardless of user consent. The Email API is a public API but only apps that have been approved and added to your allowlist are permitted to use it. To request access, see Requesting access to the Email API below.