Handling of dashboard item remove

Hi! Is there any possibility for listening some event on client side which will be triggered when user removes dashboard item or whole dashboard? We need this to collect statistics and to clean up local storage data attached to specific dashboard item.

Hi @GlebPlakhotnik ,

This seems technically straight forward, however, I suspect that with the current focus on Forge, it is unlikely the team will get to this in the foreseeable future. Also, there may be some edge cases that would make it difficult to guarantee delivery of the client side events. Can you periodically call a REST API via AP.request to check the current state and clean up as necessary based on the response?


Hi @dmorrow! It’s sure a workaround but looks like overeffort) For example there is a AP.jira.DashboardItem.onDashboardItemEdit method allowing to add callback to show configuration form and it would be fine to have something like AP.jira.DashboardItem.onDashboardItemDelete.
Thank you.