Handling of unlicensed access for Forge apps in Jira (not JSM)?


Currently, https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/forge/access-to-forge-apps-for-unlicensed-jsm-users/ supports JSM only. Does Atlassian have plans to extend this functionality to Jira, and if so, when?



The use case for JSM is related to the customer portal. In other words, it’s part of the JSM product model. It’s not part of the Jira platform model. So, no, we don’t have existing plans to extend that functionality. Could you explain a bit more about the use case? How would you use unlicensed users with the Jira platform?

Let me back up a bit and explain the problem I’m currently trying to solve. I’m having trouble finding info about how a Forge app, such as one in Jira (I’m working on a Jira Forge app), behaves if the current Atlassian instance bought a license for an app, but that license is now expired. The only thing I’ve found so far, is in https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/marketplace/listing-forge-apps/#checking-the-licence-status, which seems to imply (perhaps I have it wrong) that the only time that a Forge app license check will occur is if the app itself - rather than something at a more abstract level, such as the Atlassian “framework”/hosting/whatever-you-wish-to-call-it - does the check. Or does such a check occur automatically, without app-level code needed, whenever a user attempts to access the app, and the user can’t proceed further until they go renew the app license?

The app has to perform the license check. This will allow you to control the messaging to the end user and control the behavior about what should happen when the license expires. Different apps have different requirements.

Understood. Has Atlassian established any standards, design patterns, etc. around how to handle unlicensed app users?


For your case, I think there might be an “implied” standard that Marketplace kinda-sorta expects you would run a Free App and a Paid App, and that your app will “fall back to Free”. While that’s a pretty common pattern for modern SaaS apps (including most of Atlassian’s), that can be a difficult to pull off if you are a brand new vendor. As far as Atlassian is concerned, you can just “turn off” in the face of delicensing events. I think the Licensing FAQ is the doc with the major bits of guidance.

To be clear, that’s a different dimension than the new JSM feature is meant to handle. Similarly, there’s discussion playing out now for Confluence guest users in RFC-9 that explores yet another dimension.