Heads-up: The Jira Cloud team is user testing potential changes to main Navigation

just wanted to share a quick heads-up from the Atlassian Cloud product team which is currently testing a new (for long-timers very familiar) iteration on the main Nav for Jira and Confluence Cloud with end users - you can try it out yourself via this Chrome extension - see also this Community post

At this point, it is an exploration to learn from end users as we’re receiving continued feedback around findability and navigation - there’s no commitment yet that it will actually be changed, or any firm timelines. We’ll keep you posted on any updates.

Please do provide feedback via the “Navigation feedback” button that shows up once you enable the Chrome extension so the product team gets developer feedback early on in this journey - thanks!


Cool to see that you’re trying out stuff! The vertical navigation has always been unintuitive for me, this feels a lot better. :slight_smile: