"Hello World" Jira Server App in Javascript


Like many others here, I’m interested in trying to convert my existing Jira Cloud apps (built in JS with the ACE framework) to a Server / Data Centre app equivalent, preferably maintaining the integrity of my js, css and html between the two in order to minimise development time.

Given I’m a predominantly front-end developer and relied heavily on the ACE framework to do the heavy lifting on the back-end, I was hoping there was some kind of ‘Hello World’-like template or tutorial that existed to show:

  1. How to run JS in a Java app (The consensus seems to be using an iframe, but I’m open to ideas)
  2. How to convert AP functions like AP.request() to their non-ACE equivalent.

Any help would be most appreciated.

I’m in the same boat! :smiley: This is exactly what I’m trying to achieve at the moment.
I managed to get a Vue.JS site running within a JIRA project web-panel but now I’m having trouble figuring out how to perform the equivalent of AP.requests mostly for issue creation and retrieving lists of assignees, stuff like that. I’m currently looking into adding a JIRA REST module which I would query from JS but this seems like a cumbersome way of doing it compared to the ease of ACE and of course there isn’t much info out there… :cold_sweat:
I could always use the JIRA REST API (Jira 8.7.1) but that would require auth and I’m not quite sure how to send the current user’s authentication credentials through to my js app…

Hi a.webster,

please can you share how you managed to get the Vue.JS site running in Jira project…I am trying to port my cloud plugin to server