Help creating an API


Can I get assistance in creating an API to pull a custom field from Jira and put it into a Zoho CRM custom field?


Hi @MoreyaRedmond,

Your query is quite broad. It’s easier for the community to help with more specific questions.



I’m not really avid with Jira so I’m sorry If I don’t explain properly.

In Jira, we have a custom field named “workspace_name” that is manually entered. In Zoho CRM, the contacts module also has a field named “Workspace.” When someone enters the workspace_name in Jira, I would like it to automatically update in Zoho CRM with that same inputted name.

I am unsure how to go about doing it, but Jira support said I could use the GET Issue API to achieve this.

If you want to do something when a value in Jira changes, you can subscribe to the jira:issue_updated webhook. Checkout the documentation for webhooks: The webhook will contain the issue along with your field, so you can then take the value from the webhook body and set it in your CRM.