Help importing blank plugin into Eclipse IDE

I’m having trouble with this page:

Under the heading “Now is a good point to import the project into your IDE” a command is missing.
“Change back to the root of the project
Run the command: ”

Help! Total newbie here and seems as though this is a fairly important step :slight_smile:

Hey @marmstrong,

Welcome to the Atlassian community! After creating your first plugin, you can import this via Eclipse. I think the documentation is not updated. To import your newly created plugin just follow steps 3 - 7:

  1. Start Eclipse.
  2. Select File > Import.
  3. Eclipse starts the Import wizard.
  4. Filter for Existing Projects into Workspace (or expand the General folder tree).
  5. Choose Next and browse to the root directory of your plugin (where the pom.xml file is located).
  6. Your Atlassian plugin folder should appear under Projects.
  7. Select your plugin and choose Finish.
  8. Eclipse imports your project.


do atlas-mvn eclipse:eclipse before importing if you cant see the plugin in the import panel

Thank you! that’s got it sorted :smile: