Help me, I custom a form issue create

I use Rest API but i can’t get all User, Supervisor. Can you help me? :frowning: thanks so much

Hi, @changngoktb . Please, check this endpoint:

Partly copied from docs:



A query string that is matched against user attributes ( key , name , displayName , and emailAddress ) to find relevant users. The string can match any part of the attribute’s value. For example, query=john matches a user with a displayName of John Smith and a user with an emailAddress of . Required, unless username , accountId , or property is specified.



The index of the first item to return in a page of results (page offset).

Default: 0 , Format: int32



The maximum number of items to return per page. The maximum is 1000 .

Default: 50 , Format: int32

i use v2 :frowning: can’t use query=%

Then you need to try this one:

GET /rest/api/2/user/search?username=%

Anyway, I suggest you to make a little update in your code and use the latest version of REST API in the future.

thanks you so much :smile: