Help me! Webhook cannot send request to my url!

I set a webhook in the jira program, but it doesn’t work. I expect that when a bug is created or update, I can push a message to the URL I set through the webhook, but it doesn’t work. I hope to get official feedback. My version is 8.13.
My url is :

I registered a webhook request through the rest api. The URL address is valid and does not have any authentication measures. It is normal for me to access the URL through the postman tool, but jira did not request the URL when creating a bug or story. I checked atlassian-jira.log but is not generated. I’m about to crash. Please check it for me. Please feel free to contact me. My email is

Hi @luowenbin,
Can you share your Jira cloud instance URL? Or does the issue relate to Jira server?


The most effective way to get help with your case would be to create a support ticket.

The support engineer will assist you.