Help Needed with receiving webhooks

Hi all,

I apologize for the newbie question as I’m very new to all this. I’m extending the getting-started examples for creating a simple connected app. I tried to register a simple webhook on issue:create. I can see a post event happening when I create an issue in Jira, but it seems I can’t handle it in my route.

my webhook is very simple:
“webhooks” : [
{ “event” : “jira:issue_created”,
“url” : “/issue_created” }

on my index.js, I was simply trying to do a console.log that I receive it.’/issue_created’, addon.authenticate(), function(req, res) {
console.log(“webhook called”);

I was never able to see my console comment. It’s like my route was never triggered. Please help.

Hi @DatWebb,

I’ve tried to set up an app similar to yours.
Here’s my modules field in application descriptor which defines the webhook:

"modules": {
        "webhooks": [
                "event": "jira:issue_created",
                "url": "/issue_created",
                "excludeBody": false

Here is my route, it’s a little bit different in that I’m using res.status(204).send() to return 204 No Content response. It shouldn’t matter in your case but it is a good practice to do that.'/issue_created', addon.authenticate(), (req, res) => {
        console.log("Webhook arrived.");
        res.status(204).send(); //you should always return a response after handling the request

And here is a part of my output from the console:

POST /installed 204 27.729 ms - -
Registered with host at https://<redacted>
Webhook arrived.
POST /issue_created?lic=none 204 6.046 ms - -

How did I trigger my webhook? First I used npm start to start up and install the application on my Jira instance then I went to my project and created an issue which triggered a webhook.

To me, your configuration looks fine and it should work but just to be sure could you please try to run it with my configuration and confirm if the issue persists?


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@MaciejStanuch Thank you for your response! Things seems to be working now. I think my initial issue is that I didn’t do a rebuild before I restart. I think that’s why my console.log statement didn’t register. Thank you for your help!