Help needed with /rest/agile/1.0/board

Hey there, i have a problem with the /rest/agile/1.0/board endpoint, some of the users of my app for JIRA are constantly getting the error:
403 You currently don't have access to perform this operation.
According to the docs, this means

I spent hours of searching what that may mean, google only gives links to the docs itself, noone in the whole internet ever discussed what is the meaning of this error. I’m creating this thread and starting my investigation now. Now at least any fellow developer wandering through the internet to find the meaning of this error will come here. Wonder if anybody know something about it?

Make sure that the users that are hitting that end point are JIRA Software users. I believe that if they are just JIRA Core users they’ll be denied access. Take a look at (specifically can_use_application ) on how to filter out the web items for the users that don’t have access to JIRA Software.

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