Help required on Authorization and Zapiaccesskey

Hi Team,

I’m blocked on understanding how to perform REST API on Zephyr -

How to create or generate authorization (JWT) and where to get zapiAccessKey

I didn’t get proper documentation from both side (Zephyr and Atlassian team) for REST API automation

Where can i found those parameters and headers mentioned in the document Zephyr Squad Cloud REST API (formerly Zephyr for Jira) · Apiary

Don’t know where to get the authorization (JWT) and zapiAccessKey

I request you to reply as soon as possible. it is most critical one to get premium access in atlassian

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @rajkumar1,

While I can appreciate your sense of urgency, I’m not sure you’ll get an answer here. If SmartBear support is listening to this community, that’s great. But you will probably have better success asking the people who own Zephyr Squad: