Help : Rest API suggestion. How to extract only delta fields details for issues which were updated in last hour/any time period

Hey Team, I have a use case where i will be extracting data from jira projects about the issues which were updated in the last hour using search_issues rest call. i want to know how i can do this searching in a more optimised manner where i only extract fields for every updated issue which were updated and not all the fields. One way is figuring out the delta fields by querying the db i have but are there Any better ways to do that using some out of the box soln. provided by jira using some of the end points ?

Hello @ShivamSingh

Apart from the changed operator, which only works on specific fields, JQL has no ability to find when any other fields have changed nor to tell you want the value of a field was at any prior point in time. If you needed to do a delta between field values at different points in time, you would have to get all those values at those points in time, store them and do the delta comparisons in your code.

It would be much better to get the changelog for the issue in question, search through it in your code and find each time the field was changed, and what value it was changed to at each point in time.