Hide pages based on condition that is not modifiable by any user


we’d like to use display conditions to hide one of our pages based on a setting only the app controls.

However, as far as we understand the documentation, there is no way / place to set this setting in a way that no user (or even only an admin) can modify it AND that can be accessed inside display conditions.

All the conditions that are available either refer to a specific entity (space, content, etc.) or the user, none of which are helpful to us. The only thing that would fit is addon_property_..., which is writable by any logged-in user and therefore a risk for DoS attacks. (We considered adding a signature in there, but Confluence cannot verify that via display conditions)

We are aware of the ability to register connect modules dynamically, but would rather not use that due to the overhead and limited supported modules.

We also considered using Forge storage, but according to their docs, no display conditions for Forge Storage exist and it’s only user permission levels or entity properties again.

Are we missing something here or is this just not securely doable at the moment?
Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

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