Hiding custom field


I created 1 mandatory custom field.

I want it :

  • to be hidden in the issue screen creation but setted with the value of another field for the project P1
  • not to exist in the issue screen creation for the project P2

I rattached the project P1 to the configuration field CF1 by setting the custom field mandatory and visible.
I rattached the project P2 to the configuration field CF2 by setting the custom field masked.

I added Javascript code to hide the custom field and to set the value. Below is the code for hiding the
custom field :

var selected_acte_customfield = "customfield_12902";
var actes_customfield = "customfield_12800";

function jqid (id) {
  return (!id) ? null : '#' + id.replace(/(:|\.|\[|\]|,)/g, '\\$1');


function manageSAU(context) {
	if (typeof context != 'undefined') {
		var actes = AJS.$(context).find(jqid(actes_customfield));
		var selected_acte = AJS.$(context).find(jqid(selected_acte_customfield));
		changeSAU(actes, selected_acte);
	} else {
		var actes = AJS.$(jqid(actes_customfield));
		var selected_acte = AJS.$(jqid(selected_acte_customfield));
		changeSAU(actes, selected_acte);

function changeSAU(actes, selected_acte) {
	actes.on( "change", function() {
		var selected;
		if (actes.length==1) {
			selected = actes.find('option:selected').text();
		} else {
			selected = actes[0].selectedOptions.item(0).innerText;
		selected_acte.trigger( "change" );

    JIRA.bind(JIRA.Events.NEW_CONTENT_ADDED, function (e,context) {

When I select the project P1 and click the Create Issue button, the field does not appear in the window.

When I select the project P2 and click the Create Issue button, and, inside the window, I select the project P1, the field appears in the window.

How can I do to hide the field when I change project from P2 to P1 ?

Thanks for your interest.