How can I creat a new page with web-item and xwork

I want to create a link to a new page.
I user the following code but it is no work, and the message is the page does not exist.
<xwork key=“” name=“Targeted Search Admin Actions”>
<description>Actions for configuring Targeted Search criteria.</description>
<package name=“targetedsearchadmin” extends=“default” namespace="/plugins/targetedsearch/settings">
<default-interceptor-ref name=“validatingStack”/>
<action name=“configurefilters” class=“”></action>
<result name=“success”>/targeted-search/templates/search-configuration.vm</result>
<web-item key=“configurefilters” name=“Configure Search Filters” section=“system.header/left” weight=“60”>
<label key=“Knowledge Search”/>
do nothing but just return success
<h1>Kitchen Duty Plugin - Planning Page</h1>
<p>Now it looks nice :)</p>

I had try for 2 days, but It still not work. Can someone tell me how should I do?
Thank you very much.

Do you see errors in the terminal?
Do you see your plugin in the Manage Addons? If yes expand it. Is it enabled? Click on modules, are they all enabled?
Can you access your action in CONTEXT_BASE/plugins/targetedsearch/settings/configurefilters.action?

It may be cause by package. I creat the project again and add the package in the xwork. It works!
Thank you very much.