How can I create a private forge app?


My company wants to create a forge app that will be used internally in the company confluence pages.

We already know the process to create the app but I have some questions:

  1. Can we create the app, move to production and not list it in the marketplace? Is it a private app?
  2. I saw that the costs are basically the amount of users licenses but can you clarify about the costs to have a private app?

Felipe Montino

Hi @FelipeMontino !

I can chime in for the first question. Yes you can create the app, move to production and not list in marketplace but still let users use the app. Steps to do so are listed here - and yes it is a private app

For the second question, your app category comes under distributed apps in the Platform quotas and Limits page


Hey FelipeMontino!

Absolutely, you can create a private Forge app for internal use without listing it in the marketplace. It will remain exclusive to your company.

Regarding the costs, the pricing for a private app is typically based on the number of user licenses you require. You’ll need to check with Atlassian or the Forge documentation for the specific pricing details based on your company’s needs.

Hope that clarifies things for you! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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