How can I create my own space Blueprint with child pages?

Use case: I want to use Confluence as a place to keep all client info. The main page (Overview) would be the client overview - key contact info, contract details, the client user case, etc.

Then, I’ve have a set of pages that is created within the space. Each has a template that the account manager populates. One page would have open Jira Issues; another, meeting notes.

Question: Is this possible through creating a custom Blueprint? Can the Blueprint have this set of child pages that is created with the creation of a new space?

If not, does anyone have a good recommendation of how I can create solution for my use case?

Hi @kelsey,

Like this one: CONFCLOUD-34208 ?

Anne Calantog

Hi @acalantog!

That appears to be what I need to be able to do. Does that mean it’s not possible right now?