How can I customize Bamboo charts that are displayed in Jira

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the Atlassian Developer community so I’ll start by introducing myself:
My name is Daniel Adam, 31 years old and born and raised in The Netherlands.
I’ve been using, implementing and customizing Atlassian products for about 8 years now, and decided to start the process of becoming an Atlassian partner this year.
I love the Atlassian product suite and want to help making this product even better for us all, so you will probably see me a lot on this forum from now on.

So now on to my immediate challenge:
I’m now doing a POC for a customer of mine to integrate Bamboo into their CD-pipeline mainly for running FitNesse testcases (with the Bamboo FitNesse plugin) and linking defects to our nightly run.
Because our specific needs on reporting, we want extend the default Bamboo reports that are available in Jira:

  • Bamboo Plans Gadget
  • Bamboo Charts Gadget
  • Bamboo Plan Summary Chart Gadget

A few thing we would like to change are:

  • How the results are grouped
  • The range of the displayed results
  • The report type
  • The charts that is used for display

Anyone who can help me achive this or at least point me in the right direction by giving me information wich files I would need to customize?
Any help would be greatly appriciated.


I would advice against extending the current functionality. Create your own instead. :slight_smile:

Yes, you’ll have the overhead of recreating the wheel etc BUT you won’t have the overhead of patching Bamboo code whenever an upgrade is done. The other benefit is that you end up with a product that you could launch on :slight_smile:

If you’re still wanting to edit Bamboo’s code - you’ll want to look at the bamboo-gadget plugin in there.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your advice.
Customizing the existing plugin is our quickfix, after that the company will decide if they will develop the plugin on it´s own.

But I will be taking your advice for my own company as I am busy creating a CDAAS pipeline to assist in the development of open-source tooling :wink:

Kind regards,